H Mart IT Logos

Below are the logos used by H Mart IT. They can be used by H Mart IT team members and other H Mart colleagues for the purposes of promoting our vision. Others will require our permission to use our logos or trademarks. Please contact us at ithelp -at- hmart dot com for permission to use the logo with the description of the use. Please do not modify the logo in any way when using them.

Standard Logo

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Square Logo / Favicon

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Our Logo

We are called 'H-Mart IT'
The new identity shows that we are most aligned to our main customer, H-Mart.
It goes with our slogan to show that we aim for excellence in all we do, and will demonstrate expertise at every level.
Upper case 'IT' says that we are strong, secure, and impenetrable.

Our Slogan

Lead with Excellence. Experts at Every Level

We lead through service (Servant leadership).
We aim for excellence in all we do
We will demonstrate highest expertise in business and operations so that we can best support our customers.